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True education is always both an experience and a process, and some of the most reflective and lasting student learning experiences transpire beyond the classroom. Internships, collaboration, research, and leadership skills are critical components of science that we value in our prestigious faculty of Marine Sciences (FMS).

Faculty of Marine Sciences invites community of knowledge seekers to take full advantage of opportunities to create knowledge through innovative research in diverse fields of natural sciences i.e. Marine Sciences, Marine Chemistry, Marine Biology, Fisheries, Aquaculture, Oceanography, Marine Ecology, Marine Environment, Marine Molecular Biology, Marine Food Technology and Marine toxicology. We embolden learners to explore with faculty teachers whose professional desires are gain knowledge and share knowledge.

We are dedicated to facilitating students achieve their individual and professional objectives. Faculty members and experts are committed to exceptional teaching and advising. We are zealous about mentoring advisees through faculty curriculum, engaging students in field surveys and applied research and fostering ambitious investigators through the presentation and publication process. Students in our Faculty are provided exceptional problem-solving opportunities in course assignments, laboratory projects and internship experiences. Altogether, curriculum and faculty members enable students to become successful professionals in diverse fields of sciences and technology.

Faculty of Marine Sciences is continuously growing its size and expanding mission. We exert our utmost efforts to raise the research standards and periodical development through international partnership and collaboration with well-known established institutes. We have signed memorandum of understandings (MOUs) with South China Sea Institute of Oceans, Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangzhou, China, Ocean University of China Qingdao, Southwest University of Science and Technology Mianyang City Sichuan China and Shantou University Shantou, Guangdong, China. International Collaboration provides opportunities to Faculty graduates for studies in postgraduate programs, short trainings and research collaboration to our graduates and faculty members at these institutions.

It is an honor to lead the Faculty of Marine Sciences and our utmost goal is to transform science education as well as their practices in Balochistan for development of local human resources accordingly for well-being of society. We welcome to community of learners, and extend our assistance in achieving their academic goals  

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Aslam
Dean, Faculty of Marine Sciences


Faculty of Marine Sciences is a lone Marine Sciences Faculty in Pakistan operational since establishment of Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences in 2005 and offering BS and MS Degrees in different majors. In early days, Faculty of Marine Sciences was running sole department of Marine Sciences but later it extended further and two more Departments were established under the umbrella of Faculty of Marine Sciences. Currently, three departments viz. Marine Sciences, Coastal and Environmental Sciences and Marine Geology are operating under Faculty of Marine Sciences. At present, more than 400 students are enrolled in different HEC approved BS, MS and PhD Degree programs including BS Marine Science, BS Environmental Sciences, BS Geology, MS Marine Biology, MS Fisheries and PhD Marine Biology in various departments of faculty.

It is well-recognized that three-fourth (3/4) of earth is covered by water comprising 97.5% of seawater. Ocean is a natural sink absorb around one-third (1/3) of CO2, and about 90% of excess heat created by those emissions. It is connected to numerous important global biogeochemical cycles and possesses enormous living and non-living resources. Oceans have become increasingly important in recent years, as they are believed to be alternate source of variety of resources particularly for those rapidly depleting on earth crust. For instance, scores of economically important minerals embedded in seafloor and offshore gas hydrates could be potential new energy sources. In this scenario, world is being driven to explore oceans to replace depleting resources. However, oceans are also under severe threats because of plastic pollution and global warming demanding to be addressed at earliest possible lest situation become worst for next generation.

Pakistan coastline comprises of 1,120 km covering Makran (Balochistan) as well as Karachi coast (Sindh) ranging from Sir Creek to Jiwani. The contribution of Balochistan coast is 770 km, while remaining 350 km falls in Sindh with 350 nautical miles Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) from where Pakistan could explore and exploit their marine resources. This all requires highly skilled human resources and sophisticated technologies. In this viewpoint, foremost aim of this faculty is to produce well-skilled graduates and devise innovative technologies to explore resources embedded in oceans for future generations particularly major of marine sciences has achieved much attention to devise sophisticated technologies. In this scenario, major of Marine Sciences could play an imminent role, which mainly deals with biological, geological, physicochemical phenomena in oceans, fishing techniques, aquaculture and seafood processing technologies, drilling and mining in oceans, ports and harbor management.

Faculty of Marine Sciences encourages research in the fields of Marine biology, Fisheries, Marine Geology, Marine Chemistry, Water Pollution, Molecular Biology, GIS and Remote Sensing, Environmental Sciences, Marine Biodiversity, Marine Biotechnology, Fish Stock Assessment, Aquaculture, Coastal Management and Physical Oceanography.


Our key mission as Faculty of Marine Sciences is to make sense of sustainable oceans, upon which future human prosperity and wellbeing relies.

Undertaking globally competitive marine science research on oceans in co-ordination with global experts for effective transformation of contemporary learning into applied technologies for social well-being of humanity.

Manage, develop, coordinate and innovate high quality large research infrastructure, equipment pools, facilities, databases and other science, enabling functions for the benefit of the whole world and Pakistan science community to deliver excellent science with impact.


Our aim to march towards world’s top ranked faculty in Marine sciences and relevant fields in Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences (LUAWMS), Pakistan. We are inching towards to understand and tackle big scientific questions about the marine environs and its interactions with earth systems through use of scientific research, oceanographic observations, data modelling and designing novel plans and technologies; in order to predict how future changes to our oceans will impact human life.