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Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences (LUAWMS), Uthal, Lasbela, Balochistan is a public sector University established in 2005. It is one of the emerging Universities around Pakistan in the fields of natural and social sciences. LUAWMS offers various degree programmes such as Agriculture, Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Marine Sciences, Social and Management Sciences, English Language and Literature, Education and Islamic Studies. 95% of the students are hostelites and residing on campus. Majority of the students joining LUAWMS belongs to destitute families and therefore, the University management under the Vice Chancellorship of Professor Dr. Dost Muhammad Baloch established a directorate in 2015, named as University Advancement and Financial Aid Office (UA&FAO) for financial assistance of those students who cannot pay for their fee owing to their financial circumstances. With the help of God Almighty and the sincere support and encouragement of the Vice Chancellor, by now, more than 45 % of the students of LUAWMS are availing some sort of financial aid/assistance/interest free loan from the Directorate of University Advancement and Financial Aid Office.


The key mission of UA &FAO is to chase and increase the number of funding organizations and philanthropist individuals to grant scholarships to our students and for that we signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with them with the prior approval of the competent authority of the university.


The vision of UA &FAO is to function efficiently and professionally to use University resources sensibly and approaches various national and international donor and philanthropist organizations to sponsor the students of LUAWMS belonging to destitute families so that they may pursue higher education and become useful citizens of Pakistan without any distraction.


Mr. Kamran Saeed Khan
Mr. Haji Fayyaz Hussain

Mr. Muhammad Waqas Javed


  • Most of the scholarships and financial assistance offered for first year students studying in 1st and or 2nd semester. Though, the university’s merit scholarships offered in each semester and the Balochistan Education Endowment Fund (BEEF) also offered scholarships to the meritorious students each year.
  • UA & FAO notifies all kinds of scholarships, financial assistance, and interest free loan as and when announced by the donor organizations.
  • UA & FAO forwarded the details of each scholarship, financial assistance, and loan scheme to the Faculty Deans and the Head of Academic Departments for disseminating the information amongst the students through faculty/department notice boards. The same information also uploaded on the university website.
  • All types of application forms [except few for which an applicant would need to apply online] for the following scholarships schemes are available at donors’ websites, UA & FAO LUAWMS, and University Photoshop.
  • Applicants would require to fill the relevant application forms for any scholarship/loan - either online or in hard form - must submit two copies of the application form along-with all required documents dully attested and stamped to their respective Deans and Academic Departmental Heads. After PRE-ISAC interview at Faculty/Department level, the list of shorted listed students along with two sets of documents would be forwarded to this office for final ISAC interview.


HEC German Needs Based Scholarship Closed
HEC French Needs Based Scholarship Closed
USAID Funded Merit and Needs Based Scholarship In Progress
Balochistan Education Endowment Fund Scholarship In Progress
Professional Education Foundation(Zakat donation) Scholarship In Progress
HEC Needs Based Scholarship In Progress
The Punjab Educational Endowment Fund Scholarship In Progress
PM's Fee Reimbursement Scheme Scholarship Closed
National Endowment Scholarship for Talent (NEST) Scholarship for MS and M.Phil students Closed
Sui Southern Gas Company Limited Scholarship In Progress
Ihsan Trust Interest Free Loan Scheme In Progress
University Merit Based Scholarship In Progress
Benazir/Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship In Progress
Pakistan Bait Ul Mal Scholarship In Progress
Karwan- e-Ilm Foundation Scholarship In Progress
Ex-FATA students Scholarship In Progress
DG Livestock Scholarship for the students of DVM In Progress
Minorities students Scholarship In Progress
China Ambassador to Pakistan Scholarship In Progress
HEC Graduate and Undergraduate scholarship for the students of FATA/Balochistan In Progress