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The Registrar Office is responsible to arrange variety of administrative functions for the University under the supervision of the departmental head Prof. Dr. Ahmed Nawaz Khosa, Registrar of the University.


  • Conduct of meetings of Statutory bodies of the University i.e. Senate, Syndicate, Academic Council, Selection Board and Affiliation Committee etc.
  • Managing all Academic activities of the University including admissions, enrolment and maintenance of student records.
  • Monitoring and controlling the security and general administrative matters to keep the environment smooth for the Students, Faculty, Staff and external visitors.
  • Human Resource Management of University Employees and other matters related to the employees.
  • Correspondence with Higher Education Commission, Governor/Chancellor Secretariat, Government of Balochistan and other external agencies.
  • Maintenance of graduate register as prescribed by the Act.
  • Supervise the process of appointment or nomination of members to the various authorities and other bodies in the prescribed manner.
  • Compilation, approval and promulgation of Statutes, Rules and Regulations.
  • Dealing with legal matters of the University.
  • Conduct of the University Convocation.
  • Operation and maintenance of transport through Transport Officer.
  • Maintenance of stores with the assistance of the Store Officer.


The Registrar’s Department has standardized and systematizes Administrative and Management procedure and their implementation.


To develop the system through which processes in the Registrar’s Department can be monitored and controls exercised to ensure smooth operation.






Prof. Dr. Ahmed Nawaz

Mr. Amanullah Roonjah

Mr. Faisal Khan

Mr. Ghulam Sarwar

Mr. Faqeer Muhammad

Mr. Najmuddin Sheikh