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Education positively contributes in socio-economic development of a society and there is direct relation between quality of education and quality of teacher. Department of Teacher Education-Faculty of Education LUAWMS offered B.Ed (Hons) (4 years) program comprises of 64 credit hours courses. BEd (Hons) program's focus on education and training of student teachers to enable them to be an effective teacher and transform society. Our mission is to develop of highly qualified and efficient teaching professionals who are prepared to creatively contribute to the social, cultural, and educational development of Pakistan in general and Balochistan in particular. For this, BEd (Hons) program is design in the line of National Professional Standards for Teachers in Pakistan. This program consists of educational foundation, subject-content knowledge and skills-based courses. These courses will develop content and pedagogical knowledge of prospective teachers and they will be graduated as an exemplary classroom teacher and change agent.


After completing the B.Ed (hons) degree, the prospective teachers will;

  • Gain sound subject matter knowledge.
  • Understand how children learn/develop and provide opportunities that support their social, intellectual, emotional and physical development
  • Practice Islamic and professional values necessary to be an effective teacher.
  • Understand instructional planning, develop long and short-term plans based on subject matter and curriculum considering ground realities.
  • Be able to assess students learning using multiple strategies in order to evaluate and promote students’ achievements
  • Create a supportive, conducive and respectful classroom learning environment to encourage positive social interaction, interdependence and active engagement in learning
  • Be able to develop relationships with parents, families, guardians, community and professional development organization to promote students learning
  • Participate as active, responsible member of professional development community, engage in reflective practices, pursuing opportunities to grow professionally
  • Foster creative thinking among their pupils for construction of knowledge
  • Develop communication skills and use modern information technology for school teaching
  • Use innovative methods of teaching




Dr. Noor Muhammad

Dr. Ajaz Shaheen
(Head of Department)

Dr. Naimat Baloch
(Head of Research and Extension Center)

Mr. Afzal Muhammad

Mr. Rafiq Ahmed

Mr. Ali Murtaza Shah

Mr. Naveed Anwar

Mr. Shahbaz Azam