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M.S Education is a research-oriented program comprises of 24 credit hours. Aim of the program is to develop students conceptual understanding of educational phenomena, trends in education and develop their researching skills. In addition, M.S Education Program is designed to prepare scholars, who have academic and professional grasp in the field of Education.


The objectives of M.S Education program are to:

  • Prepare educational leaders for educational institutions of public and private sector.
  • provide the learners an understanding of educational processes.
  • Develop proficiency in teaching-learning process and methodologies.
  • Provide skills in methodology of conducting various types of research and their importance in education.
  • Make the learners aware of various techniques of educational assessment and evaluation




Dr. Noor Muhammad

Mr. Rafiq Ahmed

Mr. Afzal Muhammad

Dr. Naimat Baloch
(Head of Research and Extension Center)

Dr. Ajaz Shaheen
(Head of Department)

Mr. Naveed Anwar

Mr. Ali Murtaza Shah

Mr. Shahbaz Azam