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The Department of Horticulture was established in the year 2007. Currently, the Department offers BS and MS-Horticulture programs. Fruits and vegetable are the main sources of Balochisatn and especially of District Lasbela. Balochistan has a unique environment for the production of a great variety of quality fruits. Balochistan is known as the fruit-basket of the country. However, this sector not acquired the status of profitable industry. Therefore, keeping in view, the necessity of society, the Department was initiated to produce graduate in these areas. The Horticulture department of Lasbela University is in full confidence to prepare the responsible students by imparting research-oriented quality education to meet national and international demand. The department is equipped with highly sophisticated laboratory equipment’s, farm areas for fruit, vegetable and ornamental crops research. The major areas of research are post-harvest physiology, value-addition of horticultural crops, crop varieties adaptation and stress management.

The Department aims to provide training in production practices, insects, pests and disease control, counselling regarding day-to-day problems in various disciplines of horticulture. These diverse topics relate to a multitude of disciplines like biochemistry, biology and crop physiology. Horticultural sciences are aimed to prepare graduates for a variety of interesting careers and opportunities. A horticulture graduate/ scientist can be employed in federal, state and local government agencies to manage and monitor the use of available resources, solve problems and conduct research. They can be employed by private industries such as juice factory, environmental agencies, flowers exhibition, landscape architecture, and fruits or vegetables distributer.

Presently, Pakistan exports fruits and vegetable on a small scale and earn valuable foreign exchange. However, there is a great potential to increase exports of fruits and vegetables in large scale. Therefore, it is necessary to enlarge and strength the existing horticulture industry and produce skill manpower to fuel this national need. Horticulture is now a challenging profession that has expanded the industry of multibillion dollars. Overall, the area of horticulture plays a crucial role in sustainable agriculture, improve food security and strengthen the economy of a country.


The mission of Horticulture Department is to provide opportunity for learning that is result oriented and problems solving. The program is designed to develop skillful human resource through quality training and research. The department has also mission to offer innovative knowledge and to prepare students for their career building in horticulture areas and other related fields.


The vision of Horticulture Department is to produce sustainable crop systems for improved food security and livelihoods of rural and urban communities. The Horticulture Department is mainly focused to increase horticultural crop productivity, which has a great impact on the national economy, industry, food security and socio-economic stability of the society.






Dr. Ghulam Khaliq

Prof. Dr. Abdul Hameed Baloch

Dr. Khan Mir Khan

Dr. Abuzar Jaffar

Mr. Adil Hameed

Mr. Zeshan Ahmed

Mr. Qeasar Habib