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Department of Political Studies is one of the emerging Departments of the Faculty of Management and Social Science at LUAWMS which offers quality education in politics to the students who are enrolled in BS 4-year in Political Science and MS 2-year programs in Political Science and it also offers BS 4-year Program in International Relations. It has been a bitter truth since ages that Lasbela District lacked a platform which could provide awareness related to politics in the area ; however, Lasbela University for the first time has established the Department of Political Studies which aims to impart the importance of International Politics and also aims to create interests in respect to the subjects.

The Disciplines of Political Science and International Relations which are interlinked with each other, are striving to develop the lives of the people and create fair society through interaction and communication among the countries of the world. International Relations deal with theory and practice of Politics and analysis the political systems, behavior and culture. In addition, International Relation is the study of international system composed of territorial states which acknowledge no superior authority over matters which they consider of vital interest. It deals with the nature of the changing relations between states and with non-state actors International Relations (IR) is an interdisciplinary undergraduate major focusing on the changing political, economic and cultural relations within the international system of the modern era. The program explores how global, regional, and domestic factors influence relations between actors on the world stage. Furthermore, IR gives us deep cultural understanding that is a foundation for interaction with cultures with different values and beliefs which we need to communicate to survive. All nations depend on the trade and exchanges with others can be beneficial in many ways. International relations is an academic discipline that focuses on the study of the interaction of the actors in international politics. Therefore, it is inevitable to start the study of Politics at LUAWMS so that people of the area may get the maximum benefit.


The Vision of Department of Political Studies is to create An Academic Excellency Society in the area which would be equipped with the excellence of political knowledge and information.


The Department of Political Studies produces well-trained and well-equipped products who contribute new ideas for the Society.






Dr. Jalal Faiz

Prof. Dr. Gulawar Khan

Dr. Amir Jan

Dr. Abdul Rab

Mr. Muhammad Umar


The main purpose of the programme of BS 4-Year in International Relations is to prepare graduates having a deep knowledge of the subject as well as ability to analyse any given situation and draw out conclusions. The syllable of the subject is designed by keeping in view the following key objectives.

  1. To create a platform of professionals of international relations to enhance the research culture in educational institutions
  2. To provide a platform to students who can enhance, promote and develop their ideas positively and play a positive role for the country.
  3. To develop a research society which can investigate and give policy recommendations related to the contemporary political issues, faced by the country.
  4. To provide an educational environment where students can polish their hidden talents.
  5. To have a sound knowledge of the subject to meet the future challenges.
  6. To equip the students with essential tools and techniques of research and enable them to analyse any given situation/issue and suggest its possible solutions.
  7. To empower the students to establish and develop a viable and forceful link between theory/concepts and practice in the field for its proper implementation and utilization.


  1. To educate and train the students and make them conscious of their rights and obligations towards the society. Such a knowledge will facilitate their active participation in State business
  2. To familiarize the students with the manner in which the game of politics is played locally, nationally and internationally.
  3. To develop among the students the ability to apply an interdisciplinary approach to the study of state related problems and suggest viable solutions.
  4. To expand and sharpen the intellectual capacity of students through familiarizing them with the introductory / foundation courses and steadily moving towards the major / advanced stages
  5. To offer to the students varieties of choices wherefrom to select areas for specialization later at the Masters, M. Phil and doctoral levels.
  6. To inculcate among the students the practice of making comparisons by placing before them differing views that Islam and the West offer on various aspects of state and government
  7. To enable the students know the difference (if any) between the theory and practice of various state processes, pinpoint the causative factors and develop the know-how to bridge the gaps
  8. To disseminate to the students necessary knowledge of politics and administration and enable them to be effective managers irrespective of the professions they join later on


MS in Political Science is aimed to create a platform for the researchers to contribute for the betterment and advancement of the society. The following are the outlined objectives for MS in Political Science:

  1. To create a research society for scholars who can enhance their research
  2. To provide a research platform where research scholars can highlight and investigate political and social issues of the society and country.
  3. To promote research culture in the Lasbela District
  4. To attract more students to join research society in order to identify and resolve social and political issues of the area
  5. To help out the policy markers in forwarding policy options related to political and social challenges of the country