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Water is a finite natural resource. The ever-increasing water demand in the last few decades among different sectors, i.e., agriculture, industry, energy etc., has put tremendous pressure on the distribution of the freshwater resources on the planet earth. Climate change is another factor that has further aggravated the situation by creating uncertainties in the distribution of the freshwater resources. Under the given emerging complexities in the water sector, it is particularly important to protect, manage and harness the water resources in water-scarce countries like Pakistan.

The Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences (LUAWMS) has recognized the importance of water and its rational utilization since its inception back in 2005. The faculty of Water Resources Management (WRM) was one of the first faculties developed in 2007. However, in 2018 the name of the faculty of WRM was changed to Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Technology (ES&T) to broaden the scope of the faculty. WRM was put as a department under the umbrella of the faculty of ES&T.

Currently the department of WRM offers one Bachelor of Science (BS; 4 years) program in Water Resources Management (WRM) and one Master of Science (MS; 2 years) program in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). These management programs with a wide range of innovative modules enable the students to deal with the multidisciplinary aspects of water resources allocation, management, and use and to provide innovative sustainable solutions to the emerging problems in these sectors.


The department of Water Resources Management is committed:

  • To equip present and future generations with knowledge skills and attitudes to attain competence as professional water resources managers
  • To train innovative water resources managers that have leadership quality and entrepreneurial drive
  • To conduct state-of-the-art research in the water sector focusing the arid and semi-arid Balochistan region
  • To embrace the interdisciplinary approach to find innovative sustainable solutions to the water related problems locally, regionally and globally to make this world a better place


The faculty of Water Resources Management aims to become a prominent center that imparts quality of knowledge and skills to the students and the faculty members that can find sustainable innovative solutions to the water related problems regionally as well as globally.





Mr. Shaikh Abdullah

Mr. Aman Jan

Mr. Ghulam Rabbani

Mr. Imdad Hussain Khosa

Ms. Bushra Khurshid

Ms. Shaheen Javed