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Department of Plant Pathology was established in 2008 which is one of major departments of the Faculty of Agriculture of Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences (LUAWMS). The Department is constantly making progress steadily in terms of academics and research since its establishment. The department conducts problem oriented research and provides educational and research linkages for uplifting agricultural community through enhancing agricultural productivity by minimizing losses caused by diseases using modern and environmental friendly approaches, stabilizing natural ecosystem in Baluchistan Province.

The major areas of research of Plant Pathology are the application of plant defense measures and techniques in identification and characterization of newly emerging diseases to develop their management strategies for food security. Introducing eco-friendly approaches for effective management of biotic stresses, offer diagnostic services to public and private sector organizations and farming community, ensuring sustainability of natural agro-ecosystem promoting biological control of diseases and also reduce post-harvest losses of different crops. The Department has highly qualified and dedicated teachers. We owe to our distinction, the dedication to excellence in teaching and research, therefore attracting a large number of students at undergraduate as well as postgraduate levels. Currently, active programs are BS Agriculture (Plant Pathology) and MS Plant Pathology.


Our mission is to uplift agricultural community through enhancing agricultural productivity by minimizing losses caused by pathogens and diseases using recent and eco-friendly approaches, stabilizing natural ecosystem.


Our vision is to develop Plant Pathology into an integrated discipline that will improve technologies for application in resolving the plant / seed health problems which in turn will lead to enhancement in the crop yield.





Prof. Dr. Tamoor Khan

Dr. Hafiz Tassawar

Dr. Faheem Abbas

Mr. Naimatullah Koondhar

Mr. Attaullah Jattak

Mr. Sana Ullah