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The soil is a nonrenewable natural resource and generally soils of Pakistan and particularly Soils of Balochistanare showing signs of degradation. Decline in productivity is corollary to this degradation. Various ailments causing soil degradation in the Pakistan include water and wind erosion, salinity, sodicity, water logging, nutrient depletion, compaction, crusting and lowering of water table under the prevailing management and ecological conditions.

The Department of Soil Science addresses these soil degradation causes through teaching and research programs. The department has well-established Laboratory equipped with latest soil and plant analysis instruments. The teaching staff is highly qualified entailing 07 subject experts of whom 05 PhD, and 02 M. Sc.The department has 05 HEC approved PhD Supervisors. All our teaching staff is internationally trained in teaching and research. The department has produced number of under graduates and graduates students. The department of Soil Science conducts basic and applied research related to prevailing soil problem in country through its faculty and postgraduate scholars. In short, the department is playing a leading role in HRD and R & D activities in the field of soil and environmental sciences. The department has strong links with several national & International bodies actively involved in soil and environmental research.Currently our researchers are working on soil health and carbon sequestration in Uthal, Integrated plant nutrition management by using chemical fertilizers and biochars with different tests crops in Uthal, Balochistan. The department also has external research funding from Interim Placement of Fresh PhDs (IPFP) HEC, Islamabad and Grant in Aid Fund for Research Studies, Government of Balochistan.


  • The Department of Soil Science was established to educate students and other stakeholders such as local farmer community and extension workers
  • To evaluate soil health and carbon sequestration with in the cultivated, barren and fallow land
  • Soil Degradation and development
  • Integrated plant nutrition management by using chemical fertilizers and biochars







Dr. Shahmir Ali

Dr. Munir Ahmed

Dr. Panoon Khan Korai

Dr. Kashif Ali Kuber

Dr. Qamar Sarfaraz

Dr. Khurram Shahzad

Mr. Amar Rasheed
(On Study Leave)
Mr. Atiq Shah
(On Study Leave)