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Sports play an important role in the development and growth of students. They help in the development of mental health and physical fitness of the body. Through participation in sports and games a student gains various skills, experience and confidence that are helpful for developing their overall personality.

The educational institutes i.e. Schools, Colleges and Universities provide sports environment/facilities to their students so that they can actively participate in different sports activities and enhance their skills/talent in different games. Sports in Universities are not only taken as a physical activity but they play sports in a professional way. The students of Universities participate in different intra-university inter-University and national competitions in different games. According to the policy of HEC all the universities (Public & Private) and Degree awarding Institutes recognized by HEC have equal right to participate in Intervarsity Sports competitions.


Mr. Junaid Khan


HEC/PUSB conducts 60 different sports Intervarsity competitions including 25 women disciplines at different venues in different Universities all over Pakistan. Men 7 events namely Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Table Tennis, Tennis and Volleyball first held in zones than top two teams from each zone qualify for the final round. For this purpose Universities have been divided in 9 zones from A to I.

All the participating Universities in HEC sports competitions have to make their own arrangements and bear the expenses. However HEC releases funds to the host University to meet the organizational expenditures of these competitions. The outstanding athletes in these competitions are selected in HEC teams and they represent HEC in different National Competition. Moreover HEC gives scholarships and stipend to those players who are selected in HEC teams.

PUSB/HEC is also affiliated with various International Sports Bodies. Pakistan Universities’ teams/players have been participating in the “Universiade” World University Games held after every two years at various venues all over the world under FISU (International University Sports Federation). The events conducted by HEC/PUSB for Men and Women are as under:

HEC Men Sports Events

Archery Netball
Athletics Rock Climbing
Badminton Rowing
Baseball Rugby
Basketball Shooting
Bodybuilding Ski
Boxing Squash
Chess Swimming
Cricket Table Tennis
Cycling Taekwondo
Football Tennis
Gymnastic Tug of War
Handball Volleyball
Hockey Waterpolo
Judo Weightlifting
Ju-Jitsu Wrestling
Kabaddi Wushu


Archery Karate
Athletics Netball
Badminton Rowing
Baseball Shooting
Basketball Ski
Chess Squash
Cricket Swimming
Cycling Table Tennis
Football Taekwondo
Handball Tennis
Hockey Volleyball
Judo Wushu


LUAWMS provides the following sports facilities:

  • Sports Gymnasium (consist of Badminton court, Table Tennis)
  • Gym
  • Standard Football ground
  • Outdoor Volleyball Court
  • Cricket Ground
  • Snooker


LUAWMS Sports section conducts different sports activities for the students and faculty every year that includes Inter Departmental Games and Annual Sports Gala, where male and female students and faculty participate in different games. Apart from this different departments conduct Intra-Departmental games with the collaboration of LUAWMS Sports Section. Moreover our Teams and Players actively participate in many of the Intervarsity Sports competitions. LUAWMS has also hosted many HEC events in the past and now the sports infrastructure of the University is upgraded and we can host different competitions of HEC in future.


LUAWMS Sports Section conducts Inter Departmental Games every year where all the departments participate in different games. To ensure the maximum participation/interest of the students in these competitions this event will be conducted in a more organized way.

Every department has its Associate Sports Member from their faculty who will coordinate with sports section. A meeting of all sports coordinator with sports section will be conducted before the Inter Departmental games where the rules and regulations of the competitions and draws will be given to the coordinators so that they can manage their teams accordingly. The Inter Departmental games will be based on the following points;

  • Every Department has equal right to participate in all the games included in the Inter Departmental games.
  • Each department will be given a specific color every year. The departments can make their own kit/tracksuit, flags etc of their respective color.
  • All games included in the Inter Departmental Games will be given points. The positions of the departments will be according to the points table.
  • The leading department in the points table will be awarded with the annual General Trophy.
  • The outstanding performers in any game during the Inter departmental games will be picked in University teams.
  • The LUAWMS Sports Executive Committee has right to disqualify any player/Department during these competitions for any misbehavior or any undesirable activity bringing discredit to LUAWMS and Sports.


The Annual Sports Gala will be conducted for a week at the end of Inter Departmental games. All the semifinals, finals, all athletics (Track & Field) events and different games for staff will be conducted in this week. The closing and the award distribution ceremony will be conducted on the final day of Sports Gala or later on.