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The Sociology is emerging department in the faculty of Management and Social Sciences at LUAWMS, established in 2017. To meet the academic demands of society, programs inculcate several sociological subjects to deal all social aspects of human life from family to economics, political, religious studies, education, and technology etc. Graduate from department have adopted wide range of careers, to engage in public and private institutions professionally with excelled performance. The study in the department is well organized. Social Research is a hallmark of the department, where students undertake their research study on different social problems and issues related to subject matter of sociology. Seminars and workshops are significant features of the department which are organized frequently. The teaching faculty of the department is well experienced and with degree from top recognized universities of Pakistan.


To achieve the mission, following attempts will be made:

  1. Field research activities in the department will be enhanced. The findings obtained from the research will be shared with the government agencies, policy makers, donors and the public at large
  2. Applied research programs with the collaboration of development agencies by making their research needs inclusive
  3. Sociological journal will be launched to provide opportunities to the scholars/ researchers to get their field findings scattered world-wide/li>
  4. Establish museum to preserve and promote Pakistani culture which is at present in the process of transition/li>


  • The projection of department strengthening and enhancing the existing teaching and research program and improving with local and national academic standards, by adopting a process of globally recognized entities. It aims to prepare graduates in the field of sociology and to increase the human resource and health promote think tanks for local/ national organizations requiring ideas and advice on issues related to social sciences and particularly about sociology.
  • To achieve this vision following steps will be focused:
    1. Enhance collaboration with indigenous and foreign academic institutions to build knowledge based economy
    2. To share research activities and its findings with the national and foreign universities and organize seminars and conferences
    3. Increase collaboration with national and international organizations, private sectors, relevant stake holders to foster links for the professional growth of department and students. It will provide opportunity to enhance the applied side of sociology
    4. Develop new courses and revision of the existing curriculum
    5. Opening up content and discourse processes of various academic courses for peer reviews and accreditation




Ms. Latifa Mansoor
(Head of Department)

Mr Muhammad Yousuf

Ms. Shumaila Kamal

Mr. Mubeen Ahmed

Ms. Bibi Sultana


  • To create trained sociologists to play dynamic role in the development of society
  • To promote empirical research among the students of sociology
  • To develop varied skills in students aiming at the solution of problems
  • To develop attitude of students on problems/issues to be faced effectively in future
  • To create awareness and sensitivity in students about their regional, national and global issues and to prepare them to solve such problems


  • Creating trained groups of sociologists who could play a dynamic role in contemporary society.
  • Helping the policy-makers and planners who are intending to develop strategy for bringing about change and improvement in the society.
  • Bringing about change both quantitatively and qualitatively in the social, economic and cultural aspects of society.