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The Directorate of Planning & Development is the backbone of the organization & plays a pivotal role for the growth, strategic planning & infrastructure development of Lasbela University Of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences. It is a premier planning body which identifies the current & future needs and plans its activities to achieve the objectives. It formulates all development; planning policy matters and plans to execute the policy. In the previous years, directorate of Planning Development has achieved the targets in terms of strengthening the pillars in all aspects, infrastructure development, financial growth, monitoring & evaluation of new projects.


Mr. Mohammad Yasir Ali Abbas
Mr. Mohammad Musa Jamot
Mr. Dideg Shah
Mr. Zohaib Aman


  • To improve the quality of education imparted, knowledge & skills transferred to the passing out students
  • To produce all the reports required to Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) of HEC time to time
  • To develop the data base of students, Faculty Members, facilities and services available in the institution
  • To play proactive role for organizing the workshops, seminars and training events that are designed for capacity building and skill development of teachers and students
  • To learn from others ‘experience and get adapted best practices of others.
  • To present the real picture of institution before the rector and management instead of presenting a rosy picture before them
  • To conduct the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) exercise and analysis periodically to monitor the change and output of decision made
  • To search the learning opportunities for Faculty members and display on all notice Boards of the institution
  • To form the Alumni of the Graduates of the institution to provide the joint forum of communication among themselves and inter university
  • To develop the liaison with print media personnel for the proper dissemination of information
  • To build the close communication & linkage with other universities for the sake sharing the good practices and learning from each other’s’ experiences
  • In simple words “To Enhance the honor & value of Degree awarded by the institution” at national and International Market